The StepX-3000 is unique in the industry due to its Pulse Flow Process Cycle Technology.



StepX CO2 Process Flow Diagram


StepX Hydraulic Power Drive


StepX Process Cycle: Agitate - Soak - Flow

The StepX-3000 features Digital Pulse Flow Control (PFC) with Variable Valve Timing (VVT)

  • Flow reversal agitation
  • Software controlled valve timing
  • Reduced CO2 consumption
  • Reduced overall system cost
  • Automated processing
  • Lower power requirements
  • Fully scalable architecture
  • Reduced maintenance
  • No boosters
  • No potential for cross contamination
  • Uses beverage industry sourced CO2
  • Exclusive co-solvent integration
  • Fully software controlled with graphical user interface

Closed Loop - Recycle - Reclaim - Reuse

Since the StepX system uses beverage grade (soda/brewing) CO2 sources, it is environmentally no different than the bubbles from a soda fountain or when pressurizing a keg of beer.  In the beverage industry, the CO2 goes straight into the atmosphere at low pressure. 

The StepX machine can be closed loop and can be operated in several different ways, depending on your needs and situations.  If you are a producer/processor, the used CO2 from the StepX process can be vented to your grow space with flexible tubing and a typical regulator.  It can also be collected in larger agricultural containers at lower pressures for use at a later time or it can be re-compressed back into a CO2 tank using the StepX pump.  However, we resist reclaiming into the original CO2 tank due to the introduction of contaminants such as pesticides, mold and water.

 Example of a reusable 275 gallon food grade, low pressure, agricultural IBC tote

Example of a reusable 275 gallon food grade,
low pressure, agricultural IBC tote