1. What is included with the StepX-3000 compressor?
    You can use the StepX-3000 compressor as is for pressurizing CO2 for various applications.  
    We also offer pressurized vessel kits that could be used for botanical oil extraction.  Visit our Accessories page to select the appropriate components.
    We do not sell complete SFE machines.  We offer a CO2 compressor and vessel kits for you to configure your own SFE machine.  Consult StepX factory for configuration options and equipment quotes.
  2. Does it generate heat?  Where is the chiller?
    Due to the efficiency of the hydraulic power drive, the StepX-3000 generates very little heat and uses very little electricity.  An average 2 hour run costs about $0.25 in electricity with 1HP power pack ($0.50 in electricity 2HP power pack).  The 4.2L vessel normalizes temperature at 120°F.  A chiller is not required, though a StepX chiller is also available as a separate module that can significantly increase your yield and works with the standard StepX components.
  3. How much power does it use?  Do I need an electrician to come and do electrical upgrades to my building?
    Infrastructure upgrades are not required for the 1 or 2HP heavy duty power pack.  Power packs can be interchanged to speed up the process.  Higher horsepower means faster run times.  
  4. 1HP hydraulic power pack = 115V@15A, single phase power
    2HP hydraulic power pack = 115V@30A/230V@20A, single phase power (specify at time of order)
    5HP hydraulic power pack = 230V@18A, 3 phase power
  5. What is the yield?
    Yield is directly related to the material you put in the reactor vessel. Using high quality material, yields can be up to 15%.  More information available on request.
  6. Can I lease a machine?
    Yes! We offer leasing through North Star Leasing. Please contact Mike Wasko at 802-540-8391 for more information.
  7.  How much training is involved?
    The machine is extremely easy to use.All training can be done in about one hour.  Training can be as easy as watching a video of the machine operation.
  8. Will you come and set up the machine? 
    Machines are shipped assembled and are ready to use.Service personnel are available for travel and training at a nominal cost.
  9. Do you service the machines?
    Yes, service personnel are available for travel, however almost all maintenance can be done by the users with factory phone support.  Spare parts are available by emailing or calling the factory.
  10. How much CO2 does it use?
    The 4.2L reactor and a 1HP power pack uses approximately 10-15lbs of CO2 per hour depending on your set pressure.
  11. How much material can I fit in the 4.2L reactor?
    Depending on how fine you grind the material, you can fit 2-2.5lbs in the 4.2L reactor.
  12. How do I prepare the material before I put it in the vessel?
    Grind the material to a fine consistency with a food processor and then decarboxylate the ground material in an oven to remove excess water. 
  13. How much electricity does the machine use?
    For the 1HP motor, 115V@15A = 1800W = 1.8kW
    Portland General Electric in Portland, OR charges 6.850¢ per kWh. 
    1.8kW *.0685/kWh = $0.1233 per hour of power. 
    Therefore, a 2 hour run costs approximately $0.2466 in power, and so on.
    For the 2HP motor, 230V@20A = 3600W = 3.6kW
    Portland General Electric in Portland, OR charges 6.850¢ per kWh. 
    3.6kW *.0685/kWh = $0.2466 per hour of power. 
    Therefore, a 2 hour run costs approximately $0.4932 in power, and so on.


A limited 1 year warranty is offered on all machines.

Extended Warranty

A 2 year extended warranty or an all-inclusive service contract can be purchased for your machine.

Service and Support

For inquiries about your machine or spare parts, contact us at stepextraction@yahoo.com.  

Terms and Conditions

1.  All deposits are non-refundable, non-returnable and non-cancelable for any reason. 
2.  Machine and or Component Order Lead-time does not start until the deposit is received regardless of when the purchase order is received.  Machine completion date will be adjusted accordingly regardless of the due date on the Quotation or Purchase Order or other Purchase Agreement.
3.  Payment is due in full at time of Machine or Component shipment or pick up.  Delay of 30 days or greater or Refusal of full payment or Refusal of Machine or Components for any reason forfeits the deposit.  Machines or Components cannot be shipped or picked up without full payment.
4.  There is no guarantee of fitness for use.  Fitness for use, operation or suitability for a task is wholly the responsibility of the buyer. 
5.  Seller assumes no liability whatsoever for any delays due to acts of god, component availability or other uncontrollable or unforeseen circumstances.